Publications | Jun.-Prof. Dr. Michael Kormann

Selected publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • 2016mRNA-Mediated Gene Supplementation of Toll-Like Receptors as Treatment Strategy for Asthma In Vivo.

    Zeyer F, Mothes B, Will C, Carevic M, Rottenberger J, Nürnberg B, Hartl D, Handgretinger R, Beer-Hammer S, Kormann MSD (2016). PLoS One 11(4): e0154001
  • 2015In vivo genome editing using nuclease-encoding chemically modified mRNA in a model of SP-B deficiency.

    Dewerth A§, Mahiny AJ§, Mays LE§, Alkhaled M, Mothes B, Malaeksefat E, Loretz B, Rottenberger J, Brosch DM, Reautschnig P, Surapolchai P, Zeyer F, Schams A, Carevic M, Bakele M, Griese M, Schwab M, Nürnberg B, Beer-Hammer S, Handgretinger R, Hartl D, Lehr CM and Kormann MSD (2015) Nat Biotechnol. 33(6): 584-6 §equal contribution
  • 2013Modified mRNA encoding Foxp3 protects against allergic asthma in mice through an IL-23/IL-17A-dependent mechanism.

    Mays LE, Ammon-Treiber S, Mothes B, Müller-Hermelink E, Grimm M, Mezger M, Beer- Hammer S, Nürnberg B, Schwab M, Handgretinger R, Idzko M, Hartl D and Kormann MSD (2013). J Clin Invest 123(3): 1216-28
  • 2013Flagellin incudes myeloid-derived suppressor cells: Implications for Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in cystic fibrosis lung disease.

    Rieber N, Brand A, Hector A, Graepler-Mainka U, Ost M, Schäfer I, Wecker I, Wirth A, Mays LE, Zundel F, Handgretinger R, Stern M, Hogardt M, Döring G, Riethmüller J, Kormann MSD*, Hartl D*(2013). J Immunol 190(3): 1276-84 *equal contribution
  • 2011Expression of therapeutic proteins after delivery of chemically modified mRNA in mice.

    Kormann MSD, Hasenpusch G, Aneja MK, Nica G, Flemmer AW, Herber-Jonat S, Huppman M, Mays LE, Illenyi M, Schams A, Griese M, Bittmann I, Handgretinger R, Hartl D, Rosenecker J and Rudolph C (2011). Nat Biotechnol 29(2): 154-7
  • 2009Current prospects for mRNA gene delivery.

    Kormann MSD, Yamamoto A, Rosenecker J and Rudolph C (2009). Eur J Pharm Biopharm 71(3): 383-9
  • 2009Rare TLR2 mutations reduce TLR2 receptor function and can increase atopy risk.

    Kormann MSD, Ferstl R, Depner M, Klopp N, Siller S, Illig T, Vogelberg C, von Mutius E, Kirschning CJ and Kabesch M (2009). Allergy 64(4): 636-42
  • 2008TLR expression on neutrophils at the pulmonary site of infection: TLR1/TLR2-mediated up-regulation of TLR5 expression in cystic fibrosis lung disease.

    Koller B, Kappler M, Latzin P, Gaggar A, Schreiner M, Takyar S, Kormann MSD, Kabesch M, Roos D, Griese M and Hartl D (2008). J Immunol 181(4): 2753-63
  • 2008Toll-like receptor heterodimer variants protect from childhood asthma.

    Kormann MSD, Depner M, Hartl D, Klopp N, Illig T, Adamski J, Vogelberg C, Weiland SK, von Mutius E and Kabesch M. (2008). J Allergy Clin Immunol 144(1): 91-4
  • 2005G-Protein coupled receptor polymorphisms are associated with asthma in a large German population.

    Kormann MSD, Carr D, Klopp N, Illig T, Leupold W, Fritzsch C, Weiland SK, von Mutius E and Kabesch M (2005). Am J Respir Crit Care Med 171(12): 1358-62
  • 2003Limbic corticotropin-releasing hormone receptor 1 mediates anxiety-related behavior and hormonal adaptation to stress.

    Müller MB, Zimmermann S, Sillaber I, Hagemeyer TP, Deussing JM, Timpl P, Kormann MSD, Droste SK, Kühn R, Reul JM, Holsboer F and Wurst W (2003). Nat Neurosci 6(10): 1100-7